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When your success demands that you create a marketing or marketing communications initiative with the strongest results in the least amount of time and with the best return for your dollar, you should consider hiring the Kullberg Consulting Group (KCG).

The benefits of working with KCG include:

  1. A client-responsive structure, truly unique in the industry, that fills the void created by the dramatic downsizing of the corporate marketing function;

  2. Experienced and seasoned professionals, working daily on your business, with extraordinary depth of experience, who help you solve your marketing or marketing communications problems with the most effective return for your dollar. And we do it more quickly than less experienced or less talented outside vendors or internal staff;

  3. A fully-integrated process with a rapid startup that unleashes the power of the experience and expertise that KCG members have across disciplines, industries and brands to provide meaningful solutions to your problems;

  4. Professionals who both develop and execute exciting strategies that dramatically improve your chances of success compared to traditional agencies or suppliers;

The KCG experience is unlike any other you have known. All members are senior professionals who own their own companies but choose to work together, as needed, to solve your problems. Junior staffers do not service our clients.

Each KCG member company maintains its own client base, but they come together on KCG assignments.

We are a fully integrated, seamless team with tremendous respect for each other’s area of expertise. There are no internal turf fights, no hierarchy of management approvals, and no need to fulfill profit quotas to a holding company, no quarterly numbers to make.

Also, because we are not guided by the need to justify the use of a particular marketing discipline, or to support financially a large infrastructure or agency branch offices, KCG can be candid in its appraisals, unbiased in its advice and media-neutral in its recommendations.

For over two decade, we have developed effective, sometimes groundbreaking, solutions to our clients’ problems. For some clients we have created and implemented national and international marketing initiatives. For others, we have worked closely to augment and expand their in-house resources.

For both, we have created marketing and marketing communications programs that deliver dramatic return on investment.

And, importantly, you save money because you pay only for the marketing disciplines you need to get your job done. You save money because with our structure you are not paying the significant overhead charges normally required to engage this range of seasoned professionals, even if they could be found under one roof. The backgrounds of KCG members include:

• Advertising • Packaging
• Brand Identity/Audit • POP/Retail Environments
• Corporate Identity • Public/Community Relations
• Direct Response • Research
• Event Development/Execution • Sales Prospecting/Business Development
• Marketing • Sales Promotion
• Media Planning/Buying • Sports Marketing
• Merchandising/Collateral • Web Development/Enhancement

You also save money because we don’t care how much you spend or in which discipline you spend it because almost all of our services are fee based, rather than the traditional percentage markups that focus on a client spending as much money as possible.

Because we have eliminated the markup strategy for compensation, KCG professionals actually focus on the work needed to improve a client’s business.

This alliance of professionals who are the Kullberg Consulting Group and who will work on your business will strive to improve your marketing ROI. They are no longer interested in receiving industry awards, because they already have them. They are, however, interested in creating a solid product that works.

Because they are experienced in so many industries and organizations, they will not spend bundles of your money trying to learn and cope with unfamiliar subject matter.

And because they are independent, they are not subject to the ever-increasing stream of office politics in an age of corporate consolidation.

KCG members are acknowledged leaders in their fields. We have already won the awards. And we see our clients as our partners, not cash cows.

To answer the question again, you should choose the Kullberg Consulting Group when you want to work with experienced professionals whom you can trust to provide superb work, without hidden agendas, on time and on budget.


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